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Title: A Guide to Ranks
Post by: Level_9_Chao on May 22, 2007, 04:42:57 pm
Ok, just in case anybody need to know the ranks around here:

Therev are 3 major staff groups,

Administrators (original KotLT members)
Global Moderators (KotLT affiliates)
Moderators (whoever the poop we want).

Admins help control the forum, its workings, and anything else. Basically, they can help solve most any problem you have.
Global Mods are similar, but can't get into the inner workings of the forum. They can regulate all posts and basically any metarial on the forum.
Moderators are like Global Mods, but are limited to one board. This rank is not very common, but can be used on special occassions.

In addition, normal members can get recognized by the number of posts and their activity on forums. Post-based ranks go as follows:

Zero Poster  0
Noob  1-9
Peasant 10-49
Scholar  50-74
Page  75-99
Squire  100+

As one progresses through the ranks, their likelihood for Moderator selection increases; if you want a good rank, be active. There also might be ranks that are unmentioned as of now, as well as ranks that may be created later.